A Brief History Of Madhubani District cricket Association

The history of MDCA cannot be discussed without the cricketing existence at Madhubani and it’s surroundings, so it would be better to describe history in two major reminiscences.

Around 1950 or up to 1955 there were no cricket in Madhubani, but the other sports like Football was flourishing and have some legacies/ achievements. Though there were no cricket but some big sports loving gentlemen were there at R K College Madhubani viz. Prof. Vindyachal Rai, Prof. K D Kashyap, Prof. Asim Kumar Mukherji, Prof. Ram Chandra Mishra, Prof. N L Karn (may be some gentlemen’s name missing from memory). And all these sport loving persons having good bounding/ togetherness within themselves and they were always intended to promote sports and sports persons.

In 1956-57 Mr. Vinayak Jha, who was the student of Ranchi University and he happens to be the brother in law of Prof. Ram Chandra Mishra, came to Madhubani, after his graduation examination. As being the brother in law of one colleague they have good repo with the teachers of R.K. College, Madhubani and he was a keen cricketer and played for his college/Club/University at Ranchi. Seeing no cricket here he discussed all details of Cricket to Prof. Vindhyachal Rai who was the President of Athletic Union / sports committee of R K College, as earlier stated Prof. Vindhyachal Rai was a great sports loving person, He heard Mr. Binayak Jha and made available all required items and kits for college and requested Mr. Vinayak Jha to train the student of college. Mr. Vinayak Jha stayed 2-2.5 month in madhubani in that trot and the student interested in cricket were trained by him, same time teachers too viz. Mr. Mukherji, Mr. K.D. Kashyap were also taking proper interest.

During that training some players were found like Mr. Subrat Roy, Mr Sujoy Roy, Mr.Raman etc. The first match was played between Professor vs Student at R K College. Slowly the interest of cricket was taking shape in the student.

The first external Match was played in 1958-59 under the captaincy of Mr. Subrat Roy between L.S. College Muzffarpur and R K College Madhubani. Mr. Sudhir Chandra Mishra was a ward and the teachers giving love and affection as child, who use to hang in and around the cricketing arena. Mr. Vindhyachal Roy supporting him to become a cricketer. Time to time at R K College ground- the matches were arranged either vs LS College Muzaffarpur or RDS College, Muzaffarpur by the core sports loving professors for the student. This contined up to 1966-67. In 1966-67 the sports incharge of RK College Mr. Vindhyachal Rai was transferred and promoted as principal to Science College Muzaffarpur, at that time Sudhir Chndra Mishra was grown up as the cricketer and while leaving the college Prof. Rai handed the full kit to him.

Now the new era when Sudhir Chandra Mishra along with some cricketer like Weather (Bether), Sojuda, Jeveen Shresth, Premaa who at that time grown up as cricketer searched few other young lads naming Anil Kumar Dutta, Laxmi Choudhary, Ramanji, Khokhan, Dilip Dutta etc. made a team and started practicing regularly and playing matches against Lohat Sugar Mill, Lohat mill has good team at that time. Now C.M College also pick up as a team, combined Madhubani team (Madhubani + Lohat) formed and played at Darbhanga.

This continued up to the sepration of LN Mithila University from Bihar University. The first ever LNMU Inter-College tournament played at Katihar in 1973-74 this combined team players represented R.K. College and become the winner of the university. Sudhir Chandra Mishra was lead performer, Premaa Was the lead bowler of that tournament.

Second phase of Madhubani Cricket history can be described as the efforts made to establish the district Cricket association. Bihar Cricket Association which was it’s headquarter at Jamshedpur. The first meeting of the players felt that Madhubani became the district quite earlier and there where inter district tournament conducted by BCA, they were deprived playing that so they decided in a players meeting to form a association. Sudhir Chandra Mishra was the senior member so player authorises him to contact BCA for affiliation. While enquiring about the affiliation process of association, Patna secretary Mr. Ram Chandra Prasad given full cooperation and given certain guidelines for affiliation that a bye-laws is required, then a large scale meeting was conducted and bye-laws has been prepared under a committee headed by Prof. Lalit Kumar Sinha , Prof. Bhavesh Chandra Jha & Sudhir Chandra Mishra, in the next full committee meeting the adoption of bye-laws and a committee of MADHUBANI DISTRICT CRICKET ASSOCIATION, MADHUBANI was formed, which was as follows :-

  1. President: T. Nand Kumar (IAS) the Then DM of Madhubani

  2. Vice President: Prof. L K Sinha and Prof. Bhavesh Chandra Jha

  3. Hony. Secretary: Dayanand Jha

  4. Hony. Jt. .Secretaries: Sudhir Chandra Mishra and Dhirendra Kumar Mandal

  5. Treasurer: Dr. Izhar Ahmed

The committee authorised Sudhir Chandra Mishra to do the formalities with BCA Jamshedpur for affiliation as district unit of BIHAR CRICKET ASSOCIATION, after 2 - 3 attempts BCA received application fee and application from Madhubani DCA in 1978, thus Madhubani District Cricket Association was established in 1978. And in December 1978 Bihar cricket association in it’s AGM declared Madhubani as affiliated unit , but for delayed MDCA was not included in the current session tournament of 1978-79 as the fixture and matches already started

Madhubani District played it first inter disctrict match in HAYMAN-TROPHY at Darbhanga against Darbhanga in the season 1979-80 Under the captainship of Mr. Anil Kumar Dutta.

The first win of MDCA at Hayman Trophy was in 1980-81 against Begusarai at Begusarai by 1 wicket even after trailing in the first innings. Second Match was against Ranchi at Ranchi, which was packed by Ranji Players. Dhirendra K Mishra was captain in the session 1980-81.

After the transfer of D.M Mr. T Nand Kumar (IAS), the committee of MDCA was re-elected at its AGM in 1981-82

  1. President: Daya Nand Jha

  2. Vice President: Prof. Lalit Kr. Sinha and Prof. Bhavesh Chandra Jha

  3. Hony. Secretary: Prof. Sushil Kumar Jha

  4. Hony. Jt. .Secretaries: Sudhir Chandra Mishra and Dhirendra Kumar Mandal

  5. Treasurer: Dr. Izhar Ahmed

From 84-85 session to 98-99 session continuously at AGM and at 3 year election

President: Mr. Dayanand Jha

Vice President:

Hony. Sec: Sudhir Chandra Mishra,

Joint Sec: Anil Dutta

Treasurer: Viveka Nand Jha